“The stage is big enough for everybody.”

Last week I was inspired by the old Oilers. As I watched the farewell game at Rexall Place and the subsequent ceremonies, I was reminded of the excitement, pride and cohesion of the 80s dynasty. The word ‘family’ surfaced time and again during the interviews.

Mark Messier’s words in particular stayed with me: “…the stage is big enough for everybody. You’ve got to make everybody feel that their contributions are just as important as the next guy’s, whether it’s thirty minutes a game or two minutes a game. Everybody’s got to feel they’re important.”

Yes, I know he’s talking hockey. But truly, what wise words for all areas of life, especially a school or classroom. The result of everyone feeling valued is sustained effort, dedication and strength of character. Synergy at its best!

Imagine the same in our school family: the stage IS big enough for everyone…


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