The Sports Celly

Come on now. I love watching sports. And yet as I watch the cellies (yes, it’s in the urban dictionary) after a goal or touchdown, sometimes I wonder.

Players have their individual reactions. Some spontaneous; others seemingly rehearsed. Some momentary; others prolonged. Some humble and subdued; others exuberant and elaborate.

I understand the urge to celebrate. But, really.

I smile as I imagine this phenomenon in a school setting: the principal breaking out in a dance after a discipline-free day… teachers leapfrogging each other in the hallway after each report card they write… students coordinating their dance moves after a correct answer is given… the secretary backflipping in the office when her books balance.

Somehow seems a little absurd. But, try it… who knows the reaction you’ll get!

One thought on The Sports Celly

  1. Great post! I belong to a group of Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs). During our 4 day summer conferences, whenever we would make a mistake we would raise our hands in the air and shout: “Woot! Woot”!
    We were learning to celebrate our mistakes. It is in the mistakes when the best learning happens.

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