The Power of Rejection

Last week was somewhat surreal. I received an email telling me that my book has gone to print and that it is now available for preorders. With this news, a few people have asked when I started this project. Well … let’s just say the journey has been a long one: I started years ago, experienced many rejections, and eventually reworked the project with a new focus.

As difficult as the rejections were, I now realize they were necessary. Each rejection, the feedback I received, and my determination to keep pursuing this passion, all made my book stronger. I’m glad the process was not an easy one: the rejections fuelled me.

I’m not the only one for whom rejection has turned into a positive. Check out this amusing (yet thought-provoking) TedTalk: What I learned from 100 days of rejection!

One thought on The Power of Rejection

  1. Watched the Ted Talk: interesting. And congrats on your preserverance to make a manuscript into a book!

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