One of the 7 Habits as written by Stephen Covey is Synergize. In short, it is described as “two heads are better than one.” Our students use this word all the time – even the six year olds. Outsiders to the school are surprised to hear them use it, use it correctly and understand what it means. What does synergy look like? Cooperation, teamwork, problem solving, ingenuity, a buzz of energy.

And did I ever see synergy in action this past week! At school, as we geared up for Leadership Day… as a family as we prepared for my grandma’s 90th birthday party… and even in the following video, as a group stumbles upon a trapped humpback whale:

Rod Williams has said, “We are like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. We are all unique, and have our own special place in the puzzle of the universe. Without each of us, the puzzle is incomplete.”

We bring our gifts and together we are better than we would be alone. Synergy is evident when we meet as a staff to dialogue, continue our learning and rejuvenate our skills. Synergy is evident as a family comes together to deal with the illness of a loved one. Synergy is evident on the sports field when all members of the team use their talents toward a common goal. Synergy is evident when a group of students gather to clean up the school yard. Synergy is evident when the individual notes played by the members of a symphony come together in a masterpiece.

Synergy is energizing. Synergy is not caring about getting the credit. Synergy leads to fulfillment: the satisfaction of a job well done.

P.S. Take the time to watch the whale video: perhaps it will uplift you as you begin your week…

3 thoughts on Synergy!

  1. As one who attended the family birthday of which you spoke, the “birthday girl” ninety years young has practiced this concept despite not knowing the word!!
    Synergy indeed!
    The whale is beautiful–a sight to behold.

  2. Snyergy, yes indeed. This weekend and the days to come will require teamwork of doctors, nurses, family and friends with dealing with my mother’s health.

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