Where does one find solace in this world? On Friday I found it in Kindergarten. There was the little ragamuffin constantly pulling up her falling pants. The tooth that fell out in the middle of the lesson. The cheering and excitement that followed for that lost tooth. There was the genuine concern for the classmate who had surgery just days before. There was the elation of creating the letter ‘j’ with play dough. There was laughter, warmth and enthusiasm for life.

Despite the challenges and uncertainty we sometimes face, my time in Kindergarten reminded me of the tenderness, transparency and grace of children. I was surrounded by the beauty of life itself.

If you are needing a little solace, seek out a child: the world just may seem a little brighter.


2 thoughts on Solace

  1. How very true! I watched Global last night about a girl with Down’s syndrome, who was on the basketball team. She scored a point, the building was electric with energy! Everyone wanted to give her a chance! Children are our solace; the gifts they give us are amazing! Have a great week!

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