Share a book today!

This week when I brought a grade one student into my office to assess her reading she said, “Do you read all day?” I wish I could! My favourite parts of my days are those spent reading and writing to and with students. I love taking non-readers, kids who don’t yet know their letter names and sounds, and convincing them that they are readers. They begin to love books and this magical thing called ‘reading’. And then, in a few months time, when those same students finally see meaning in the letters and words on the page, the look in their eyes is priceless.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to share my language arts program with my staff. I also spoke to an individual at the district level about how I used the LLI program. I can’t seem to hide my love of words! People often comment on the number of books on my shelves. I get excited when a teacher says, “Do you have any books to help teach…?”

Of course!

I have a hard time going into a book store without making a purchase. I see a picture book and I’m immediately flooded with thoughts of how I could use the book with students. Did you know that it is picture book month? Take some time this week to read a picture book to someone in your life. You won’t regret it!

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