Pretty in Pink

I work with a little girl each day who would definitely be considered a girly-girl. Before we begin reading she often asks, “Is there a girl in this book?” Her question comes if the book is about bugs or plants, sports or space, pretty much any non-fiction book come to think of it. She frequently asks if we are going to read books about princesses.

Some say that gender differences are created by the society we live in: pre-defined gender roles, gender specific advertising, the tradition of blue for boys and pink for girls, cars and trucks versus dolls and dollhouses. Others believe our preferences are inherent in who we are.

There are certainly no absolutes. I grew up with brothers and older male cousins. My go-to activities were baseball and street hockey. At times, I still enjoyed playing with Barbies and stuffed animals but I don’t think I would have ever been considered a girly-girl.

Ultimately, it shouldn’t matter what our children decide to play with or what they like to read or wear. They should be accepted for who they are. And though it wouldn’t be my preference, I’ll even pull out a princess book or two…

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