Permission for Imperfection

With each passing August day, I’m thinking more and more about school reentry and all of the realities it will bring. Something new occurs to me each day and my thought usually begins with “Hmmm… how are we going to…?”

Back to school will be especially challenging this year. In addition to everything we normally face, there are safety guidelines to consider: from both our government and our school districts. There are logistics to work through knowing the physical space and context of our classrooms. There will also be heightened emotions: teachers and students are certainly going to experience a wider range of back-to-school emotions than usual.

Our collective survival is dependent on our willingness to reach out to each other for support, sharing both our challenges and successes. The reality is, we won’t be able to approach things as we usually do: the sooner we accept that, the better.

As we begin the year, we must give ourselves permission for imperfection. We are tackling new territory. We may try something only to discover it doesn’t quite work the way we anticipate. Rest assured, we can try again.

Although it will be challenging, what I know is this: teachers are determined, creative, and resilient.

Our students need us more than ever and we will be ready. However imperfectly.

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