On Home Turf

Each year we venture off on vacation: sometimes fairly close to home, sometimes farther. No matter where we go, I always feel a sense of gratitude to be back at home. In our physical home, yes. But back in Canada, too.

This year we traveled to Europe. I’ve been asked my favourite destination or experience and it is difficult to narrow it down: there were so many highlights. And despite the fact that each day was an adventure, it was still wonderful to be back on home turf. Our return flight stopped in St. John’s. How strange that I felt like I was home despite being thousands of kilometres from our house.

With all of the world events taking place, I feel especially grateful to call Canada home. We are not immune from turmoil or violence, but we continue to have a sense of security that many other nations have lost or are losing.

It’s awfully nice to be home.


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