“My Brain Hurts”

Working with kids provides its own rewards. We announced the birth of a staff member’s baby last week at assembly. To be more precise, a grade six student announced it. Reading what was projected on the screen, he announced that the baby was seven ‘libs’ and ten ounces! (Pounds was written lbs.)

That same day, a little one had fallen off the monkey bars at the park. He ended up with a mouthful of sand and quite a sore head. His words: “My brain hurts.” When I asked about phoning his mom, in all seriousness he replied, “Hers not at home. Hers working in Calgary.”

And finally, one morning out on supervision, a grade two student, fairly new to Canada with English as her second language, wrapped her arms around me and said, “You’re the best officer in the school!” I’m still not sure exactly what she was thinking… because I work in the office or because I was supervising as an officer might… regardless, she made me smile!



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