Meant to Be

Last week in the middle of my work, I had a moment. A moment of realization:

I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing.

As I create my next resource for teachers and students, I am using my literacy background, my love of language, my knowledge of pedagogy, and my creativity. I am both challenged and excited by my work each day. I love writing for teachers and students. I love the team I am working with. I love the energy and passion devoted to this resource.

True, I’m busy and working hard to meet deadlines. But I am enjoying every part of this process.

I am where I am because of a chance encounter at a conference in 2018. I am where I am because I took a risk leaving the security of a job I loved. No question: it was the right decision. Meant to be, in fact.

3 thoughts on Meant to Be

  1. For the record, the synchronicity of that meeting in 2018 is not ‘by chance’ but actually ‘meant to be’! Your work is a blessing for all you encounter.

  2. I look forward to receiving updates when you have new blog posts, Karen. As you know, I’m a fan of your work!

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