Lost and Found in Books

I had the pleasure of a few days in Banff surrounded by two of my favourite things: the beauty of the mountains and people who love words as much as I do. I came away feeling rejuvenated and energized: my purpose reinforced and renewed.

Many of those speaking at the conference referred to the power of literacy (not surprising considering it was a language arts conference). Penny Kittle spoke of how books enable us to make a place in the classroom for everyone. We can choose books that reflect the cultural identities of our students. We can choose books that help our students realize that their experiences are not entirely unique and there are others in the world like them. We can choose books that help our students explore themselves and find themselves. Books can teach our students: “You matter.”

In The Book Whisperer, Donalyn Miller explains, “The uninitiated might say that I am lost in my books, but I know I am more found than lost.”

Get lost in a good book and you just might find your true self…

2 thoughts on Lost and Found in Books

  1. That might be the best line, ever! I am going back now to see the context for that quote. I sums up my life.

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