Since the new year began, I’ve been trying to decide on my word for the year. It’s not that I’ve been procrastinating, it’s just that the right word hadn’t found me yet. I’ve heard other people’s words and I’ve contemplated a few of my own (balance, aspire, write, breathe) but none have felt exactly right.

And then I thought about the word live. The verb. Too simple? Sort of inevitable? I don’t think so.

What I mean is this: I want to live deliberately, live in the moment, live my best me, live my dreams, even. Every so often we are thrown a reminder that life is short. Therefore, to live, is something I want to make the most of, each and every day.

Yup, that’s it. Live.


6 thoughts on Live.

  1. Took you a while. But it sounds like you made a great choice. Phew! Mine is ‘renew’! Blessings on your year. You are such a gift.

  2. There are many choices, yet to “live” sounds good to me. Each day is a gift to open and enjoy all those minutes!

  3. My friend chose a word too. I considered it, but then forgot. Maybe I need to revisit that idea. I love your explanation. It was worth the wait.

  4. Last year, I didn’t find my word (or as you put it, it hadn’t found me) until the last of January. I stressed out so much that I wondered if I should hang up the idea. I really like your word. Such a good reminder.

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