“Know Thy Impact”

I’m in the middle of convention season and I’ve been meeting teachers and administrators across the province (with many more to come)!

I love educators who share a passion for learning and improving their practice: those who ask questions, refine their work, strive to be their best selves for their students. Those who know they can never stop learning.

Consider this convention season a mid-year opportunity to learn and reflect:

  • Do you capitalize on your instructional time with students?
  • Are your practices based on strong pedagogy?
  • What should you stop doing in your classroom? What could you start doing?
  • How are you a positive leader in your school?
  • How do you ensure that your students know they are safe and valuable in your classroom? Each and every student.

Our work is important work. We have the responsibility and the opportunity to impact student learning, self-concept, and well-being. As John Hattie has said, “Know thy impact.”

Your work matters. You matter… perhaps even more than you realize.

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