…in the middle of the story…

Last week, I heard these words by Phil Callaway: “We live in the middle of the story.”

For whatever reason, these words struck a cord with me. We are where we are right now. The past has influenced us, yes. Yet we don’t know what lies ahead. We can plan and we can prepare, but life has a tendency to throw unexpected curve balls.

As the sun shines through the window, the sky a bright winter blue, I am reminded of my dad who appreciated each moment and truly lived in the present. Somehow, when I was a kid, he made our weekly shopping trips enjoyable and something to look forward to. Somehow, when he was losing his physical abilities, he found ways to appreciate what he was still able to do. Somehow, as a quadriplegic, he found joy and pleasure in what we, his family, were doing.

So today, I choose to live in the middle of the story. I choose to enjoy each moment as best I can… to enjoy the work I do and the people I meet… to enjoy the company of loved ones. I choose to enjoy the day. Tomorrow will come but today is already here.

“We live in the middle of the story.”

This seemingly simple eight-word sentence led me to this writing and these thoughts. What words might you share to prompt your students’ writing?

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