I love my job!

I love my job. There is never a dull moment in an elementary school. Whether it be the need for yet another ice pack, the mystery of a missing shoe, separation anxiety, a bloody nose or a stuck zipper… the days are certainly never dull.

Last week, a little one told me she was going to take something to “the lost and fountain.” Another skipped her way back to her desk with an imagined rope and a wide grin, no audience intended. And still another caught me ‘running’ in the hall and asked, “what’s the hurry?” Good question. As I was reading with a group of grade three students the other day, one of them said, “Let’s make a deal.” She proceeded to say that if the group made ‘no mistakes’ – and it didn’t count as a mistake if they helped each other – they could use the white boards and I would challenge them with difficult words. “Deal.” A teacher’s dream, actually.

When I consider what I learned in university, nothing could have prepared me for those unanticipated moments. And to be honest, it is those moments that give flavour to my day.

Yes, I do love my job.

4 thoughts on I love my job!

  1. Hey Karen:

    Love the post. You are so right. Who would not love working in a school. Unfortunately sometimes “the work” and “the work” compete against each other and we lose the focus. Yes, I too love my job, all of it.

  2. Yes I love my job when I take the time to really see the wonders of learning through my students.

    Enjoy your week!

  3. Yes, I love my job, even at report card time. I was away for a few days last week because of the flu, when I returned a grade 6 boy in my class asked me how I was and said that they had missed me. I was both surprised and touched by his words. I responded very genuinely, “I missed you too!”
    I have asked friends that make their living doing things other than teaching if they have these moments…their normal response is No.
    How sad, they do not know what they are missing!~

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