Human 2.0

The idea of aging confronted me a few times over the last few days. I started reading a book about a grandfather who discovers how to reverse the aging process and his body returns to that of a teenager. A friend and I also had a conversation about extended life expectancies. Simply by virtue of living longer, our bodies are forced to fight more ailments and disease.

My friend and I decided that humans need a new and improved version: Human 2.0. We don’t want to reverse the aging process (I personally would not want to be a teenager again), we simply want to live our longer lives, healthier.

Of course it’s not only in old age that we face illness. This really hit home on Thursday morning when I received a cupcake and a precious note. It was to celebrate a milestone for Riley, a grade one student: one year cancer free! At his young age, he has endured years of sickness and treatment. I pray he will live a long, healthy, happy life: I pray that his health battles are behind him.

I’ve never been bothered by the idea of getting older. And illness it seems is almost a given at some point in our lives. Perhaps the secret is this: face whatever comes with a positive attitude. Just like Riley.


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