Honey or vinegar?

I recently heard the phrase “you attract more flies with honey.” I hadn’t heard it for a while and it got me thinking: imagine watching a video of yourself throughout the day. Do your interactions scare others away or attract people towards you? How do you think others perceive you?

In a moment of joy, excitement or productivity, we are not likely to react unkindly to those around us. However, when three people are simultaneously demanding our attention, or when we are needed in two places at once, or when the hecticness of the day seems overwhelming, our reactions sometimes become snappy or curt. Yet, even when we are busy or stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed, each interaction is a reflection of us as individuals and sometimes also of a school or company. For every negative interaction we have, it takes many positive to compensate – if we are given the chance.

As I said to a student earlier this week, it takes the same amount of time to be polite as it does to be snippy. And which yields better results?

No matter our job, our surroundings, our status in life, human interaction is critical. And really, our interactions are like a boomerang: whatever you throw, tends to come back to you.

One thought on Honey or vinegar?

  1. That saying is old but I think it still has a lot of merit: thanks for reminding me of its wisdom.

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