Hidden Potential

I recently borrowed Adam Grant’s Hidden Potential from the library. Fewer than thirty pages in, I decided this was a book I needed to purchase–a book to read with a pencil in hand, to underline and annotate.

What’s more, as I was reading, I was thinking about myself as a learner and myself as a teacher, about possibilities and passion, about perceived limits, about leadership… about the hidden potential that lies within each of us. There are many memorable and shareable excerpts. A sampling:

“When we’re encouraged to make mistakes, we end up making fewer of them. Early mistakes help us remember the correct answer–and motivate us to keep learning.” (Page 39)

“Making progress isn’t always about moving forward. Sometimes it’s about bouncing back. Progress is not only reflected in the peaks you reach–it’s also visible in the valleys you cross. Resilience is a form of growth.” (Page 147)

“Weak leaders silence voice and shoot the messenger. Strong leaders welcome voice and thank the messenger. Great leaders build systems to amplify voice and elevate the messenger.” (Page 196)

“Success is more than reaching our goals–it’s living our values.” (page 233)

If you’re looking to unleash your hidden potential–or that of others–this is your next read!

2 thoughts on Hidden Potential

  1. Wow! After reading all the quotes you shared, I can see why you needed to buy this book. I hear your voice in all of those. What a gem you have found. Thank you for sharing.

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