Happy endings…

Okay, perhaps I’m a sucker for happy endings, whether it be a good book, a movie or real life.  Reality is, chapters are often cut short and we can’t edit the tragedy out of real life.

And though there are disappointments in life, there is happiness too. Rediscovering a treasured ornament as you decorate the Christmas tree. The birth of a third son. A gentleman who unexpectedly gives up his parking stall when cars are circling the lot. The excitement of a gym full of students ready to inline-skate. A surprise visit from a friend carrying flowers. The generosity of colleagues when all are tired and taxed. The student who says to another, “Thank you for not going along with your classmates but standing up for what you think is right.” Curling with your mom. The comfort of a cuddle toy. Rekindling a love for the violin. The uninhibited giggles during a game of ‘Simon Says.’ The sweet taste of a persimmon. A car adorned with antlers and a red nose. The perfection of a single snowflake.

If we live our lives moment to moment we can find the happiness within. No editing required.


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