Giving the Gift of Literacy

With increasing food costs and a rising cost of living, this year has been tough for many. For some families, books are an extra they just can’t afford. If you are able to donate this season, consider joining me in giving the gift of literacy.

Give books! Where? Check the guidelines of your local women’s shelters, public libraries, children’s hospitals, seniors’ residences, or simply add to the little free library down your street. Keep in mind, some organizations require new books but some accept used, too.

Or, if you’re able, give money. Consider donations to programs such as Ready. Set. READ! with the Edmonton Public Library, The Young Alberta Book Society, the Centre for Family Literacy, Project Adult Literacy Society, or ABC Life Literacy Canada, or a literacy initiative in your area.

If you’re wondering if a donation such as this makes a difference, remember this quote by Fisher, Frey and Hattie: “Literacy is among the major antidotes for poverty.” Literacy matters. Books matter.

Happy holidays everyone! See you in the new year…

One thought on Giving the Gift of Literacy

  1. This is such a wonderful idea!
    I love this and will for sure donate a lot of books that are no longer being read in my house. Thank you for your inspiration and reminder of how important and valuable literature is.

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