Indelible Magic

I look forward to the holiday break for many reasons. Time with family. Great food. A mental break from work. And yet one of my favourite reasons is the extended opportunity to curl up with a good book.

Where did this inclination come from? My childhood, I’m sure.

Would finding the time to read have occurred to me if it wasn’t something my family modelled? Perhaps. But to be sure, watching those around me read, and receiving books as gifts, persuaded me as well.

Why not give a little encouragement this Christmas? Spend time in the light of the Christmas tree, reading. Give books as gifts.

Though they might not be the immediate favourite for some family members, they are sure to have lasting appeal.

“No matter where life takes you, you’re never alone with a book, which becomes a tutor, a wit, a mind-sharpener, a soulmate, a performer, a sage, a verbal bouquet for a loved one. Books are borrowed minds, and because they capture the soul of a people, they explore and celebrate all it means to be human. Long live their indelible magic.” (Diane Ackerman in A Velocity of Being)

Books. The best gift ever.

“Keep them within reach, always. They contain nothing less than the entire world. Opulent. Staggering. Rich beyond your imagining.” (Dani Shapiro in Velocity of Being)

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