Forge ahead!

I suspect that if I were to examine my blog posts after each teachers’ convention, I would discover a common theme. I find convention rejuvenating and inspiring. As much as I enjoy learning more about curriculum and pedagogy, I also enjoy hearing the passion of other educators.

The first session I saw on Thursday morning has stayed with me since: Ron Clark, an Atlanta teacher with more energy and passion than most of us combined! He bounced, gestured, ran, jumped off the stage and jumped back on the stage; he engaged the audience through story, eye contact and laughter. He challenged us to find ways to inspire our students. He challenged us to be runners and associate with other runners. He challenged us to slide instead of taking the stairs. (Sorry, you had to be there…)

In the midst of such a busy time of year, it is a blessing to have the opportunity to connect with those who understand what it means to be in the thick of this profession we call teaching. It’s difficult to explain the emotional toll of the job. As rewarding as it is, it is also demanding. A little rejuvenation goes a long way!

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