Flippant or Deliberate?

What a week! Leadership Day, Open House, Violence Threat Assessment Training. The gamut of experiences was noticeable: some highs, some lows, some moments of joy and some reminders of the sadness in our world.

The power of language strung these experiences together. Language to connect: our students speaking to hundreds of guests about the 7 Habits. Language to inspire: our Kindergarten students hosting Open House for next years’ students. Language to deceive: troubled youth posing threats, ultimately crying out for help. Language to reveal: skilled investigators digging for truth.

I have no doubt that words have power. Are we flippant with the words we choose or do we choose them carefully and deliberately?

One thought on Flippant or Deliberate?

  1. Sometimes it’s easy to choose the right words: at other times, so difficult. But you are right: they have the power to be transformative!

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