Entering the Literate World

A few days ago, our five-year-old grandson requested a FaceTime call with us. This is unusual: typically when we call the family, he is the least talkative.

This time though, as soon as I saw his face on my phone, I could tell he was excited to talk. “Nonna… Nonna… today I wrote a chapter book!”

He showed it to me as best he could and then told me that his book is 49 pages and that he used every letter of the alphabet!

When I asked him to read it to me, he said, “I can’t read!”

Priceless. At once a writer and non-reader.

This is my favourite age within children’s development: on the verge of both reading and writing. The desire to enter the literate world is palpable. Before long, our grandson will enter the literate world. For now, he is a budding writer with a book soon to be added to our bookshelf. It is sure to be my new favourite!

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