Dear Students,

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am writing to express my gratitude.

To those of you who greet me with a hug every day without fail, thank you for beginning my day with a smile.

To those of you who hang onto my every word, thank you for giving me the validation that what we do is important.

To those of you who share a cracker or a candy from your lunch, thank you for showing what it means to give.

To those of you who find learning challenging, thank you for demonstrating the true meaning of perseverance.

To those of you who have experienced abuse, neglect or trauma in your young lives, thank you for inspiring me by your courage. Thank you for giving me perspective and reminding me that life is precious.

To all of you, thank you for making my work both rewarding and enjoyable. Thank you for making me a better educator and a better person. And thank you for ensuring that I laugh – every day.

Sincerely, your teacher.

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