Calm Amid the Chaos

In schools, the weeks before Christmas can sometimes be, in a word, chaotic. Celebrations, concerts, parties… you know what I’m talking about! There will be a lot of energy and excitement to be sure.

At some point though, carve out some moments of calm. With your students, how? Share a favourite Christmas readaloud. Then with some music playing softly, students can engage in reader response writing. For this purpose, choose a more reflective book such as The Crippled Lamb, Twas the Night Before Christmas, Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree, I Got the Christmas Spirit, or Room for a Little One. These books and this writing may remind your students about the reason for the season. (Keep in mind the cultural background and religious beliefs of your school and district, of course.)

At the beginning or end of each day, also find some time for yourself. It’s never easy, in particular during these busy weeks. But, be intentional: find your calm. Fifteen minutes a day to read, take a bath or a walk, or indulge in your creative outlet, whatever it may be.

You’ve got this. Keep calm and carry on!

3 thoughts on Calm Amid the Chaos

  1. I love this last week with my students despite the chaos, their excitement always makes my heart smile. Thanks for the great read aloud ideas Karen! 😍

  2. I think students would appreciate the space created for calm during these hectic times; equally important is this same space for teachers.

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