“Break? What break?”

A few days into last week I wished someone a “Happy New Year” and asked how the break was. “Break? What break?” Isn’t it amazing how quickly we fall back into the routine of school? Christmas, holiday visitors, New Year’s, and holiday indulgences suddenly feel a distant memory. There’s no easing back into work as an educator. Once we’re back, we’re back!

  • “Teacher! She’s bothering me.”
  • “You know what happened this Christmas?”
  • “But he did it first – “
  • “Please excuse the interruption… the temperature is currently -20 degrees. It will be an indoor recess.”

Yes, once we’re back, we’re back. Fortunately, along with the demands come the hugs – especially in elementary. Some of our students might even say, “I missed you over the break.” And you know what, they really did.

Gotta love teaching!

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