Art Rules

A few weeks ago on Twitter, a friend shared this quote by Mo Willems: “Science is going to get us out of this. But art is going to get us through this.”

I was immediately reminded of the book Frederick by Leo Lionni. This deceptively simple picture book prompts a conversation about the role of art in society. Even with very young students, the discussion is fascinating.

Our current predicament–living through this pandemic–is certainly an obvious opportunity to discuss the importance of science in our world. It can also be an opportunity to discuss the role of art.

When I consider my own mental health over the last year, it truly has been various forms of art that have made the monotony and the mundane more bearable: music, film, theatre, literature, comedy, the beauty of visual art. I am grateful for the artists who bring joy, intrigue, and hope to my days.

This week, share the above quote or the book Frederick with your students. I’d love to be a fly on the wall during the conversation that ensues…

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