Always Learning

My year looks different than usual: less time in schools and more time writing.

As I am writing in different genres, I am taking opportunities to learn: from others and from the books on my shelves. I am a student once again. What I have realized is that these mentors and mentor texts are as important for me as they are for our students.

I have also noticed that what I read directly influences what I write. Each morning, before my fingers reunite with my keyboard, I spend fifteen or twenty minutes reading poetry or the words of writers I admire such Eudora Welty.

Regie Routman has said, “…riveting literature influences the quality of writing that students of all ages do, especially when we teach them to notice and apply what effective authors do…”.

She’s right: students of all ages. Myself included. The more I learn, the more effective my writing. The more I learn, the better equipped I am to teach students to write. Looking forward to being back in a classroom on Tuesday!

3 thoughts on Always Learning

  1. That is how I feel when you come into MY classroom. I always tell my students that I disliked writing as a kid and even didn’t love it as a teacher until I learned from YOU and now it is one of my favourite areas to teach 💕

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