Abandon That Book

I have a problem… I feel the need to finish reading every book I start. Anyone else?

Today I am proud to announce that earlier this week I abandoned a book! I was over 70 pages into the 400-page book but I just wasn’t into it. I had actually been excited to read it because it was by an author whose other work I enjoy. And yet this book, nothing. Wasn’t doing it for me. Felt more like a chore than a pleasure.

Here’s the funny thing. I often talk to students about book abandonment. I reassure them that it’s okay to stop reading something if they’re not enjoying it. After all, if we want them to read, why would we want them to struggle through and feel like it’s a chore as I did. I would much rather they choose something else and find pleasure in what they are reading.

So why do I have different standards for myself? Good question! But, I’m learning. And I’m happy to report that I’m now deep into two other books and enjoying both immensely. If I had continued the other, I doubt I would have read much this week…

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