A world devoid of art

Imagine elementary school without art, drama or music. Appealing? For most of us, no. For our students? Most definitely not. Now go a stretch further… imagine our world devoid of art.

Art, in its many forms, surrounds us: on the walls of our home, the billboards on the street corner, the music we listen to, our trips to the theatre, the television drama we return to each week, the picture book we will read tomorrow to our students, our clothing even.

Just recently, I was listening to Les Miserables. As I listened to the complexity of the notes and the profundity of the words, I was uplifted. And it got me thinking: without the arts, my life would be dull and somewhat empty. And though I love music and going to art galleries to wander through the masters, I realize not everyone shares this love.

Some consider these subjects ‘extras’. Yet, through the medium of the arts, we experience the world much differently. The arts add dimension, creativity and depth to our schooling and ultimately, our lives. Sir Ken Robinson purports that all subjects should hold equal value: that science and math for example, are not more important than music or art. Gerald Gordon has said “I believe that creativity will be the currency of the 21st century.” As we think about the direction our society is headed, the arts is an important element. Consider how art, drama and music play such a large role in our increasingly multi-media society.

Bring out the paint… strum that guitar… dance your heart out! Discover the joy within the arts.

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