A white rabbit waiting for snow…

Last week I saw a rabbit: a white rabbit sitting on the dry, brown lawn. I marvel at the rabbit’s ability to adapt to the season, albeit a tad early this winter.

Being at a new school this year, I myself have had to adapt. It’s the same job, the same position and yet still it was necessary to adapt to the environment and current culture. And really, each year we begin with a new class, we must adapt to the needs, strengths and interests of our students.

At our meeting last Thursday, we explored some pedagogical questions. Many of you walked away from that meeting thinking about how you might adapt your planning and teaching. I suppose to be most successful, we should live our work lives in a constant cycle of plan… act… reflect… adapt.

This week is the 10th anniversary of my father’s death. As Multiple Sclerosis affected his body, he was constantly adapting to the limitations placed on him. Over time, he lost the ability to walk, work, care for himself, feed himself, talk and ultimately to move. And yet – somehow – he did not complain. He found ways to adapt to his changing reality and lived life to his last day.

If one thing is certain, our world is in constant flux. We are forced to adapt to our changing realities. We can never truly predict what tomorrow will bring. The rabbits are likely hoping for snow…

One thought on A white rabbit waiting for snow…

  1. Hi Karen,

    Just read your piece. What a moving tribute to Dad!! He would be so proud of your good work everywhere you go.

    His ability to adapt was as amazing as what that white rabbit does every year. So natural and yet completely mysterious and magical! Lucky for us as he made his journey as easy as could be on us. How much he loved us and we him!

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