A Time of Transformation

At our staff PD day this past week we had time for extended reflection at several points throughout the day. We all had quiet, written reflection time, time watching an audiovisual presentation and also a choice of either Yoga, Clay or guided prayer.

I spent more time on this day quiet and reflective than I have for a long time. Typically, when I do decide to sit still, I am multi-tasking. On this day, I was surprised at where my thoughts led me when I took the time to simply think and reflect with no distractions. I came away feeling healthier, stronger even. My mind drifted from thoughts of my family to thoughts of our students. I contemplated this new year and what I hope to accomplish. I took the time to plan and dream and give thanks.

During my work with the clay, we sat in silence molding and shaping the clay in our hands, open to the creative process. These moments were transformative and theraputic, peaceful and calming.

I wonder how many of our students ever have this time for reflection: an extended period of mindfulness without interference from people, devices or noise? Few I would think. As teachers, how could we foster this time for reflection in our classrooms? How could we empower our students to be more mindful in their lives?

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” Mother Teresa

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