A Romp in the Snow

Have you ever walked a dog who loves the snow? One who bounds happily through the undisturbed blanket, ears flopping, tail wagging? The trail he takes is winding, much longer than necessary, meandering from this tree to that. To the dog, the walk is certainly about the journey and not the destination.

Kids, too. Go for a walk with a five year old… go at her pace… follow her path. The trail will be winding and unpredictable and there will certainly be treasures found along the way. She cares little about where she is going.

As adults, our days are typically tightly scheduled, predetermined, so full of things that must be done. Do we take the time to let our noses, our eyes or our emotions lead us? Whether it be a few minutes in the staffroom, a walk in that fresh fallen snow, or an unexpected visit with an elderly parent, we might be surprised to discover the treasures we find along the way.

And yes, it’s good to begin with the end in mind. But sometimes, it’s also nice to enjoy the journey. Ears flopping and tail wagging.

2 thoughts on A Romp in the Snow

  1. It’s soooo easy to lose sight! I love walking with Adam and Chloe. This time of year we need to take time. Have A god week!

  2. I miss those walks with my daughter…perhaps it’s time to rekindle the journey! Thanks Karen, you always inspire me.

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