A little soul with big fears

I spent a lot of time this past week with one litle guy in particular. In fact, on Friday I wanted to take him home with me. As I write this I wonder about his safety and wellbeing. When a five year old has seen and experienced so much in his short life… when such a hard shell covers such a fragile interior… when you know that worry and fear take the place of play and joy… it is certainly cause for concern.

Are his demons real or imagined? I’m still in the process of sorting this out. Regardless, I see a little soul dealing with big fears. What can we do or say to ease his worries and help him to trust once again? How can we prevent this angry child from going down the path of violence or addiction? How can we help him to stay positive and hopeful about life?

Though I wonder how we can counter all of his worries, I truly believe that every interaction is important. I will say what I mean and do what I say. I will be consistent. I will maintain his dignity despite the choices he makes. I will convey right and wrong. I will set boundaries and exert discipline. I will show love and empathy.

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” ¬†Christopher Reeve

2 thoughts on A little soul with big fears

  1. Hi Karen,
    The little guy is very lucky to have such a special and caring person in his life. You are the one person that he feels safe with and the trust will come. When I look around my class I often wonder what some of these little guys go home to. I always hope that it is a safe and loving place.

    1. I too sometimes wonder what kind of situation they’re coming from. Some of them have experienced so much in their short lives!

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