A little bit of laughter…

You know the kind of laughter – the giggles really – that come all the way from the toes, cause full body vibrations and seems to be uncontrollable? That contagious type that gets the whole room going? I had the pleasure of seeing an-almost-10-month-old in this state on Saturday. She full on giggled for almost an hour and had the rest of us going too.

Last week on supervision, two grade two students were walking with me. One was telling me about her older sister who had been injured the day before and required stitches. The other, for reason unknown to us, decided to make up a song about it to the tune of 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. The three of us walked for 15 minutes, giggling as she created and sang verse after verse based on the story her friend was telling. Our own private show.

Andrew Carnegie once said, “There is little success where there is little laughter.” Whether we laugh at home or at work, laughter adds a lightness to what we do. When we can find pleasure in the company of those around us, each day is a little more fun and really, a little more productive. Laughter is the outward sign of happiness and the sharing of laughter an intimate act.

Wishing you a week with laughs…

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