A List to Love

Are you a list person?

I am. I create a daily to-do list and take great pleasure in crossing things off. (I’ll admit: I’ve even gone so far as to put something on the list just so I can cross it off.) And if I can’t sleep because I’m thinking of what I need to accomplish the following day, I make a list to give myself peace of mind in hopes of slumber.

Last weekend we saw a play at The Citadel Theatre called Every Brilliant Thing: humorous, heartbreaking, and heartwarming all at once. A young boy begins a list to help his mom, suffering from depression, recognize the good in the world. As he gets older the list is abandoned and returned to a number of times.

The play inspired my own list of brilliant things, things that make life worth living. It’s already much longer than this, but here’s a sampling:

A houseful of family.

Snuggles with my pooch.


Card games with my brothers.

A book that makes me ugly cry.


Exchanging manuscripts with Mom.

Throwing the baseball around with Dad.

A day with limited back pain.



The universality of story.

The innocence, joy, and spontaneity of children.

Well, what about it? What would be at the top of your list?

6 thoughts on A List to Love

  1. Family.
    A run along the river.
    Kisses and hugs from my kiddos.
    A meal shared with loved ones.
    Family dance parties in the kitchen.

  2. Family, especially my grandsons
    Babies, toddlers, and children
    Nurturing pets, plants and people
    Reading books that draw me into them
    Being in or by water, lakes, rivers, or oceans
    Basking in the sun

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