A favourite time of year!

What is it that makes this a favourite time of year? Is it the crunch of leaves beneath my feet? The crisp, cool morning air? The vivid fall colours of the tree-lined streets? As appealing as these are, for me, even more exciting is the celebration of books and literacy during Read-in Week!

Read-in Week celebrates a skill, an escape, an accomplishment, an indulgence. Last week, I stumbled into a classroom during story time. As their teacher read aloud, I watched the reactions of the students: the raised eyebrows, the grins that erupted into giggles and the exclamations of delight.

In our literate dependent world, the inability to read is debilitating. By contrast, the ability to read – especially for new readers – is empowering and exhilarating.

During Read-In week, engage in the power of story… lose yourself in a good book… be thankful that you have the ability to read these words.

No matter how old we are, story touches the soul.

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