A Difficult Day

Today, a friend will experience the funeral of her husband. Her daughters will say goodbye to their father. They have journeyed with him over a difficult four years. I admire their love, patience and devotion.

The gravity of this day for them reminds me of the precious nature of life. We simply don’t know what is to come and when.

Hold your loved ones close. Tell them that you love them. Live life today.


4 thoughts on A Difficult Day

  1. We don’t know what is in store. The sadness comes from not remembering till a tragedy strikes. Thank you for reminding us all.

  2. Sometimes the only thing we can do is stand beside others in pain so at least they are not alone. Take good care….

  3. A life comes to an end and we humans mark it as a sign of reverence: may we be kinder to all we meet knowing the common fate that awaits each family at some time in life.

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