A change of pace…

Teachers are always go, go, go. The days are busy and the bathroom breaks rare. When summer hits, my body takes some time to believe me … “yes, you can sleep past 5:50 a.m.” and “yes, you can go to the bathroom anytime you want” and “no, you don’t have to do that RIGHT now.”

July 25 and I think my body believes me now. I’ve fallen into my summer routine and I’m sleeping in a little past regular time, reading in mid-day, putzing around the house, loving the opportunity to reconnect with people I don’t see often enough during the school year and just moving at a slower pace.

There’s no doubt about the rejuvenating power of time!

2 thoughts on A change of pace…

  1. The importance of time to move at a slower pace cannot be overstated.
    Just read an article that stated that using money to buy material things resulted in no real happiness but using money to “buy” time (like someone to cut your grass or clean your house) did lead to more happiness.

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