Recently I reprimanded a young adult for his inappropriate language. Typically, I am fairly liberal in my acceptance of language. I was therefore somewhat surprised when I was truly offended by the language of a worker outside my home. It got me thinking…

Why am I not bothered when it comes to language in movies or the occasional curse of a family member or friend? What was different about this incident? What moved me to speak up about his cursing?

After reflecting, I believe the difference was circumstance. His language was excessive and untimely; he was representing a company; he was within earshot of several homes with no regard for who might be inside; his cursing was not a result of being upset or hurt but simply a case of showboating to his coworkers.

After I spoke up, he seemed truly apologetic. Had he not considered where he was and how he represented himself? Do we have to teach our young to be deliberate about the language they use? *#&$>! yes.

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