Welcome to a new school year

This time of year always brings with it mixed emotion. There is the regret that the long summer days are ending. The disappointment of having to set an alarm or wear a watch once again. The simple reality of back to ‘work’. And yet, despite all of these emotions, the prevailing feeling is one of excitement: the promise of a new school year and the possibilities that lie ahead. This year I have the added excitement of a new school, new students and new staff members (not to mention a new blog).

As our students walk into the classroom on Thursday with their new shoes, new clothes and new school supplies, they also come with their own mixture of anxiety and excitement. Our words provide an incredible opportunity to make a difference in their day. What will we say to ease their nerves? What we will say to convince them that we care about them? What will we say to set the tone for the year and create a community of learners within our classrooms?

When we doubt the influence we might have on our students, we can simply look back at the week following Jack Layton’s death. One person certainly can make a difference. Many of the people sharing their thoughts about Jack Layton, had never even met him and yet felt that he had influenced their lives. We have the awesome opportunity to spend hour after hour, day after day with those charges in our care. We have the awesome opportunity to instill a love of learning and a love of life within our students.

 Have a wonderful first day of school.