Parent Corner

Check back each week for a new idea to try with your children!

This week's Parent Corner Idea (August 18, 2019)

It’s that time again…

Back to School! I have been slowly adjusting my routine to get back into full-time work mode. Begin to do the same for your children: slightly earlier bedtimes and wake up times. More consistent breakfast routines. Also start talking about school and your children’s feelings about it. Honour how they feel, reassure them, let them ask questions. Start now to make the first week back much easier for everyone.

Must-Have Books

Are you looking to begin a library for your home or classroom? Are you looking for a gift for a particular age? Refer to these must-have book lists for starting ideas. Some of these picks are new; many are classics.

The age guidelines, are just that, guidelines. Of course, most of these books can be enjoyed at various ages!